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Svarrehalla World Org

Svarrehalla Org Board Members

Alexander Svarre, Founder

Alexander is a high school student who dedicates his free time to raising awareness of the need to protect our beaches and oceans.  He is working on his Life Guard certification, NYS Boating license, and Open Water Diver certification. When he isn’t cleaning his favorite beach on Long Island, he is trying to fundraise for ocean conservation.

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Alexander Svarre Founder Svarrehalla World Non profit Organization for Ocean Conservancy
Muriel Svarre, President Svarrehalla World

Muriel Svarre, President

During her time in Paris, Muriel hosted several TV shows reporting on various cultural events in Paris, published 2 novels, and modeled for Marylin and Whilelmina modeling agencies. After moving to the States, she pursued her love for everything beautiful by creating her Interior Design Studio in Manhattan in 2011, Like Mother Like Daughter Design. She primarily works in the Hamptons and Miami.

John L. Alex,

When a powerful tsunami decimated Sri Lanka and Indonesia in 2005, John, along with his sister Elizabeth, traveled together to some of the hardest hit areas, witnessing firsthand the destruction, homelessness, and desperation of innocent people who had lost everything. This experience left John wanting to do more and resulted in the formation of the United Aid Foundation. Over the years, UAF has expanded its reach to help people in desperate need following disasters in Haiti, Nepal, Louisiana, Houston, Puerto Rico, Alabama, and the Bahamas.

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John Alex, Secretary Svarrehalla World
Gareth J.V. Evans, Treasurer Svarrehalla World
Gareth J.V. Evans, Treasurer

Gareth is an avid cyclist and runner for the last 30 years, having completed the NY Marathon 12 times. He is a member of the exclusive International Marathon Club, having run a marathon on all 7 continents in 7 days and one at the North Pole. He has also completed a marathon at Union Glacier in Antarctica, in the highest desert in the World, the Atacama Desert in Chile, completed The Keys 100-mile Ultra non-stop, as well as 5-day, 150-mile Ultra runs in Lapland, Sweden, and the gaming reserves in Kenya.  He has also summited the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, with a thought to conquer the highest on each of the other 6 continents. Next up is 120 miles in 5 days in the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Aside from the personal challenges, he does it all for Best Buddies International, a Miami based charity that benefits children and adolescents with Mental Developmental disabilities, for which he has raised over $250,000.

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